our little garden

So in quarantine, we decided to 'try' a little garden.  If it had not been for quarantine, I'm not sure we would've ever tried, or I would ever have my garden.  So, for that...quarantine..I'm thankful.  We definitely are a family that tries to eat healthy (notice I said tries).  We enjoy fruits and vegetables (and of course chips and sweets too....gotta have balance).  So, the garden seemed like a great idea.  

For anyone thinking of a garden, I HIGHLY recommend it.  But not for what you think...yes, ok you'll get some veggies to grow hopefully, but for me, it's for the family time.  It's been a game changer.  Never did I think this tiny little garden would drag everyone outside to check on it's progress, but it does.  Even the teenagers!  Once we are all out there checking on it, we are 1. together and 2. lingering because when it's all said and done, that's what's important being together.  Some of us within these 4 walls may not want to admit it, but being together feels good.  

Phrases like "have we checked the garden today?"  "let's check on that pink strawberry after dinner"  "Mom have you seen your garden?" are being said in my house, and I love it.

Somehow these strawberries are cuter when you harvest them yourself!  Swear!  

So, we have a garden!  There will be more pics and posts about this thing because quite frankly, you should see our zucchini plants!  I'm so amazed at this Earth and the beauty of nature and watching it unfold in front of me is a very peaceful, grounding experience.

If you'd like to garden, here's what we did that worked.  Remember from my previous blog posts, that I Google and Pinterest and most times don't have the skill or equipment/ingredients to pull Pinterest worthy things off....for this, I did not Google or Pinterest.  We took a chance on old Mother Nature and she came through for us.

Here's what we did:

Our garden

Pick a space.  Close to the house, close to the hose.  (Ours is about 3ft by 6 ft) (itty bitty) (if it's out of sight, it's out of mind, so keep it close)

We worked from plants & seeds combined (I was worried about the seeds but they worked!)

We planted: (from our local nursery but you can get anywhere)

3 tomato plants top end of garden

6 pepper plants next to those, properly spaced, read the little stick that              comes in the plant

2 zucchini (those need space, a lot of space, so give it to them)

3 plants of leaf lettuce in a row



cilantro (oh the cilantro we have already is ridiculous)

From seeds we added:

green onion seeds (literally bought from Target)

bean seeds (Target)


Everything is growing and thriving.  Separately and to look fancy, we bought 2 shepherds hooks and 2 hanging baskets.  A strawberry hanging basket and a cherry tomato hanging basket (in case the plants in the ground didn't take) (we can't totally disappoint the kids :)).

Those baskets are easy peasy and no brainers.  If you decide the garden is too much, then grab those baskets, they are worth every penny.  

I'm going to take some garden pics and posts.  You're gonna love it as much as we do.  So, if you have little ones in your house or maybe even big ones....I seriously suggest a summer garden.  The time spent bonding while watering, while checking for new plants, growth, berries, tomatoes is so much fun.  There's hope in a garden.  There's love given to a garden.  There's nature.  There's work.  There's dedication, and in return it gives you fresh air, no screens, no fort nite, no snapchat just nourishment and family time.  

Start your garden today!


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