About Us

MIDGE's boutique was born with a purpose...just like these girls!!


Midge's Boutique started with the desire to give back, the need to teach my children how to help others, to be a better family, and better members of our community.  Midge's boutique was built with the idea that we could make a difference and inspire others to do the same.  

We started as a mother-daughter boutique specializing in eccentric, casual, and of course some feline loving apparel & accessories.  We wanted to Inspire connections to these great causes with quality apparel and accessories that just make you feel good inside and out.  


These days have richer meaning to me especially as I prepare to send my children into this unknown that is our new normal.  The idea of raising them to know that their voice matters, that they are loved and enough, and that they are strong and and kind before they are pretty or cool.  Raising them to know they have a responsibility to stand up for what's good and what's right is what inspired me to take a step outside of my comfort zone and do something for others.  We are hoping to inspire others to do good.  Help others (people and animals alike) in your community.  


Meet our inspiration...Midge the cat and our sweet girl Addison who fits the nickname Midge more than quite possibly anyone out there!


It was through my family that I developed the desire to give back, to teach them that we can make a difference with animals, loved ones, neighbors, friends, and in our community.   

 We aim to bring good vibes & love  into the lives and homes around us. Thank you for supporting our journey, we look forward to sharing more.